Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was deciding if I was gonna post, because I plan on doing my "what I love Wednesday" early in the morning.
But just a couple of things.
I got a phone that texts and we now have texting! We switched from At&t to Verizon because we were getting too many dropped calls.
The only problem is I never know where my phone is and do not return texts until the person has already given up on me.
If you have my number, feel free to text me and if you don't, hit me up on twitter.

I now love KMART!
I went there today for a pair of shoes for my daughter's graduation and fell in love with everything in the store.
They even had stuff for me and I am picky.
I loved their girls bathing suits and the store had a ton of stuff, a lot, even cheaper than my beloved Walmart.
We used to have a Kmart that I shopped in, but it closed down, so in my ongoing search for shoes, I ventured out to one I forgot existed!
I will be going back.
Not anytime soon, though.
Do I need to mention the price of gas again?
Or the fact that my daughter was iffy about the shoes- she is so keeping them!

And the little guy pee'd 3 times while we were out! Yay, public rest rooms!
Underwear, here we come.

Quick question.
What do you think about Pee Wee Herman?
The movies/show, not the actual man.
Or can we separate the 2?
I let my kids watch some of one of his movies because I grew up watching his show and saw the movies.
They found it hysterical and asked me if I could find them in the library.
Would you let your kids watch Pee Wee?
(that's pee wee's laugh, in case you were wondering)

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  1. I remember watching him also. He is different that is all I can rememeber. I can not really remember the movie content. Sorry that is not much help.

  2. Really K-Mart? I'll have to revisit them. I do like Walmart and Target.
    Okay, Pee Wee Herman...hmmm..I do remember my kids watching him and it is sad the way he allowed himself to be found in such an awful situation..especially when he was a children's entertainer...that must come with some extra responsibility?
    Its a shame that being a public personality doesn't seen to guard behavior anymore.
    I guess I'd let them watch it but try to move on quickly and not make too much of it.


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