Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am not the most sentimental person, but when I walked up to my best friend's house for our yard sale and saw this spice cabinet. It hit me. That looks just like the one my mom had while I was growing up.

And with that my girlfriend told me, "Hey, your mom dropped off some stuff this morning for you to sell".

It was my mom's.

I left it at first, but I felt so strongly that I had to take it.

This is also odd, because although I am a professed pack rat, I don't like a lot of stuff to decorate with and by no means do I like "extras" like this little knick knack cabinet. Although, I liked very much the way my mom had most recently displayed it in her kitchen.

I gave in to the little voice and packed it into the van.

I took it home and told my mom how silly I had been on insisting on keeping that little cabinet.

My mom told me she was glad I did. She said she had a hard time parting with it.

It was the first thing she had bought in the commissary while my father was in the Navy.

She said that my father was great about letting her have what she wanted and they made payments on it.

Can you believe how fast time goes?

Can you believe how times have changed?

That my mother and father thought of this beautiful, but small wooden cabinet as an extra and made payments on it, before taking it home, while today we would just put it on a credit card and purchase a couple other things as well?

That when I started to drive I paid 99 cents a gallon for gas and now it is over $4 a gallon?

I think I just might keep this cabinet forever and pass it down to one of my girls for their kitchen.

Hmmm. Now to change my whole future kitchen remodel to revolve around this cabinet.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I love that cabinet. I would have taken it home with me also.

  2. I remember that cabinet too. As soon as I saw the photo I thought it was your mom's! I would have purchased it too. When I was driving down to college in 1998, gas was 79 cents a gallon in the Georgia/TN area! I'm so old :)

  3. Sweet. And things sure have changed.

  4. I would have kept the cabinet too. I cried when my mom gave a certain piece of childhood furniture to my brother and he threw it out. Her reason for not giving it to me was I had no children to play with it! I at least would not have thrown it in the dump!!


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