Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kittens On Long Island- Any takers?

As we all know, I am not an animal lover- in fact, quite the opposite. That is why I am so thankful for my best friend, who adores animals and took in these adorable kittens and their mama who gave birth on my girlfriend's porch!

After church, we went over to hold them!

They are just the cutest and the softest little guys.

I had to take a ton of pictures.

And as we watched the mama help her children

and saw how the little guys looked up to her

and how they dealt with all of us looking at them,

you can't help but marvel,

how awesome God is!

And so I was wondering, does anyone live on Long Island or know someone who does? Would they want to adopt a kitten or 3 or a mama and one of her babies, so she doesn't have to be separated from all of them?

If so, contact me:


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  1. Oh, how I wish ....I would drive to get them BUT I already have my 3 Boyz & that is enough!! Good luck.... Oh, they are adorable!!

  2. I would love one. Only wish i lived closer. :)

  3. OH I have been looking for a baby kitty for months now! Too bad I don't live closer I would so grab one they are adorable!! Good luck finding homes for them I am sure they will go pretty quick being so cute and all!

  4. you mean you had a GOD moment from KITTENS!!!!! WOW im impressed.... As I read your post I was so expecting you to end it with...." and we kept one..." LOL


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