Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Who else could love these "mudpie" hands but a mother?

My aunt sent me this card and I thought it was just so true some days and loved it.

My husband is "BBQuing" for me today. My Pastor told a great joke one day about when the husband bbqs. Basically, I prepare the night before defrosting meat, marinating, making salads, doing dishes, cleaning the BBQ and having everything ready. I hand him the meat the day of the bbq- he puts it on and I proceed to set the table, wash kids hands, get everything ready and then let him know it is time to take the meat off of the grill.

This might be true for me today and it is pretty funny. But, I am thankful to have my husband because basically, today I would not be celebrating Mother's day without him.

Happy Mother's Day and may your day be blessed no matter what you do (or don't do)!

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  1. The Mother's Day BarBQ joke your pastor told rings so true! Hilarious! I was thinking as I was preparing some stuff to take to a picnic at my in-laws house in the afternoon that here is another holiday where the men basically get to sit back and enjoy while the women work to make it special and are basically patting each other on the backs saying 'Good job Mom!'.

    Actually that's only partially true. While I didn't have any of the mother's day cliche gifts - flowers, breakfast in bed, I was surrounded by the people I love. And, that really is what makes the day special.

    I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!


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