Saturday, May 21, 2011

Field Day/ Walk-a-thon

The kids had their field day and walk-a-thon yesterday! They had a blast and the rain held out. It was actually really sunny.
It was a lot of fun.
A little bittersweet because this might be the last year the kids attend their small private school (more about that at another time).
The husband was able to go which thrilled the kids. I love watching them do crazy stunts and I bring little flags to cheer them on much to the chagrin of my attention avoiding husband and my tween, who I live to embarrass!
Here are a couple pics from the day- ya know I have a thousand more, if anyone is interested!

Don't you limbo at your field day?

The change your clothes and run race.

The Pastor let the person who earned the most money for the school hit him in the face with a "pie". The kids went wild and loved it.

What a good sport!

Sack race, anyone?

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  1. How fun!! :) Looks like they had a graet time! :)

  2. Field day? I love field day! I always cheered for my kids like they were Olympiads! Embarrassing ? of course! ( But I really think they loved it)
    And yes! I want to see all the photos!

  3. How fun. I loved going to those with my kids.

  4. Thanks for the follow. I followed you back.


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