Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {wilw} - Vacation Edition

Just dreaming about vacations these days- probablly because it is cold and rainy here on Long Island, even though my calendar says it's spring- I know, I know, everyone is complaining about the weather- sorry.

But, if you were wondering:

1. My brother just got back from his honeymoon in one of those all inclusive resorts on the Dominican Republic. It sounds awesome. Would love to go.

2. Yellowstone National Park- The outdoor girl in me (yeah- she's in there somewhere) would love to take the kids to this amazing place. You know, see the geyser, maybe even camp?

3. Myrtle Beach- I wouldn't mind driving to this spot and renting a small house on the beach. Everyday I would get up early and sit on the beach with the husband and the kids until nightfall.

4. Hershey Park- This is where we went last year and I am sure will go again at some point, but not my favorite. Of course, the kids love it. I am just getting too old for amusement parks.

Where are you going on vacation this year?

Where would you love to go?


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  1. Well, Hersheypark is only about 45 minutes from me. As a kid, I loved it. As an adult? I'm with you. I'm getting too old for amusement parks. I actually haven't been there in years and years.

    We're probably going to go camping this year at a favorite spot in MD. And, we are also going to go to a cabin (one that my husband's aunts and uncles own together).

    Dream vacations? We would love to go back to Costa Rica some day. That's where we had our honeymoon. It was amazing.

    Also, I'd love to travel out West someday - road trip style. Apart from very short business visits to Texas and California I've never been west of Illinois.

    Oh, and if you've never been to Nashville, that is a fun town! My sister used to live there.

  2. I love the choices, can I just go on vacation anywhere? Kidding, um, I would really like to go to Mt. Rushmore, either that or anywhere warm with a beach!

  3. Renting a house on the beach is my first pick. The hubs and kids still love amusement parks, but not me :)

  4. GO TO MYRTLE BEACH then we will come and visit you there!!!!! We are going to Myrtle next month. Can't stinkin wait. Im counting the seconds!!!!! Then we are doing a day trip up to NC to see the Biltmore Mansion which is just exquisite and more day trips thru the year to the blue ridge mountains come fall.

    My dream in a vaca for 2 to Sandals in the bahamas. Not super grand but just right. Looks like that will happen in the next couple of years. We are workin on it ;)))))))

  5. awe hershey park. my parents took us there a couple times when we were kids. {we live in ohio so it isn't very far.} i always loved it. but my all time fav is disney world! lol i'm just a big fat kid at heart ; )

  6. I would love to go to any beach any beach. The ocean is just a miracle to me. I could sit, watch, listen and thank God for such an amazing thing to look at. I am praying about a vacation but I am still not clear if God has it planned for us. I am praying he does. I really need to getaway with my family.

  7. We already went on our two main vacations for the year. We went to Disneyland to celebrate our anniversary, and we just got back from Colorado visiting our friends there.

  8. Hello, new follower from your hop. Have a great weekend! Sue


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