Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {wilw}- FOOD!

So, these are my favorite foods- foods, now that I do everything I can do to avoid. But.... if we are allowed to eat anything we want in heaven and not gain weight or get diseased- these are my picks.

1. I could pretty much eat sour cream on anything- my favorite - quesadillas! My dear husband was the one, who pointed out that it is not polite to eat sour cream with a fork by itself and without another food, one date night at Friendly's. And you know it is love, because I still married him after this comment.

2. Dominos deep dish meat lover's pizza- it just doesn't get any better- well, it does. Picture it- your pregnant- your husband is away and the kids are sleeping. You have no cash on you, but Dominos takes credit card and delivers at 9 pm. You eat the pizza and get rid of the box and no one is the wiser. Yes folks, those are good times.

3. Bagels- I just have always loved these baked doughy circles, usually with cream cheese. But, alas, someone ruined it for me when they basically explained that one bagel is equivalent to 5 slices of bread! Can you say dangerous?

4. White Chocolate peanut butter cups- Thankfully, these bad boys are only at Walmart, which is about 15 minutes away- this greatly helps. I do not think there is a better partner for white chocolate than peanut butter!

What are your favorite foods?


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  1. Those peanut butter cups look wonderful!

  2. That bagel is making me wish I would have eaten more for breakfast this morning :) and I have yet to try the white chocolate Reese's...I'm kind of a purist and am afraid!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Bagels and pizza are on my list of favorites too. I have to say that Nassau has much better pizza and bagels. I was in there on Monday and we had pizza for dinner and we brought home a dozen bagels! So delish!!!
    Ice cream would be on my list for sure and probably french fries too (if I had to list only fattening foods-LOL).

  4. I love bagels too... with sesame seeds! hugs xo

  5. Your pizza blurb made me laugh out in my office! hilarious!

  6. oh my! all the foods i miss from being vegan! haha thanks for the tempting post!!!

  7. I swear you hit on all my favorites! Except I have never tried the deep dish meat lovers pizza! I don't think I am going to any time soon either!! Bagels are my favorite thing in the world.

  8. now i'm hungry - and sad!! i'm not eating wheat or dairy for two months to test my sensitivity to those items!! i will be super sad if they have to stay out of my diet forever :o(

  9. You could move to the middle of nowhere like we did and that will eliminate your pizza and your white choc. pb cups. Then you only have to contend with the sour cream and bagels. I miss pizza so much. I'm a sucker for Papa Murphy's take and bake. Yum!

  10. New follower found you through Bassgiraffe, great template

  11. I am right there with you about the sour cream! I know they say cheddar makes everything better, but seriously, whether it rhymes or not, I say sour cream makes everything better!!


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