Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Fling Earring Swap

I participated in the spring fling earring swap hosted by Yes, Teacher!

Sarah, from Yes, Teacher paired us with another blogger and we bought each other earrings with a limit of $20.

My partner was Karina, from Ramblings of a Simple Girl.

Karina sent me a package with a whole bunch of goodies including a insulated Trader Joe's bag- I love Trader Joe's!

She sent me a postcard (from NYC- she lives there- so cool!) and a NY key chain, an adorable webkinz lip gloss and 2 great pairs of earrings!

The first pair of earrings are handmade by Karina's mother. Her shop is called Ninfa Designs and she has the greatest pieces in her shop, but my favorite are the silver and green stone earrings that Karina sent me. I am so wearing these to church tomorrow!

And then she sent me these adorable sun earrings. My daughter is wearing them in this picture and I am thinking if I can't find them in my room, I might check hers.

Thanks so much Karina!

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  1. Love those earrings also. So cute.

  2. Awwww!!! I 'm SO happy you liked the earrings and goodies :)
    I'm so happy that your little girl will also be able to enjoy the smiley earrings :)

    I also loved my earrings!!
    Thank you sweet girl.



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