Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!- What a Weekend!

On Saturday, the two middles had their opening day parade and games. It was freezing- like seriously cold and rainy and overcast. But, we got through it.

And after, we basically crashed and some of us took naps. We were supposed to go dress shopping, but it just didn't happen. We were all tired and the weather was bad. Much to the dismay of my daughter, who of course was gearing up and ready to go.

A promise was made to go sometime soon, but the idea of bringing the little ones to the mall with us, just sounds like a recipe for disaster. They would be good for a time, but watching their sister and I decide over dresses just doesn't seem like it would hold their attention. So, we will wait for a better time to go, when someone can watch them.

We went to church last night as a family. It was awesome. Our pastor told us that they have been doing Holy Week at our church for over 40 years! So, on Sunday night we sing, listen to the message and then the men carry a wooden cross (made the same size as the one Jesus hung on) into the sanctuary and while we sing the men put stones around the bottom of it.

My son was so excited that Daddy was coming with us that his prayer at dinner was, "Dear God, please touch Daddy more than you ever touched yourself!" We all had to stifle our laughter- especially my husband. After service, we went for ice cream! I had such a good night that I won't tell you that ice cream cost us more than one night's dinner. I guess it is Breyers and some sprinkles next time!

And Ta-Da! The Chatty Mommy Shoppe finally has some product in it. I will be adding more things and may even do a giveaway or 2, but I really wanted to share that it's open, since I have been talking about it for so long! Come and check it out and let me know what you think.

Well, Happy Monday! I am so excited the kids have off this week! Can't wait for summer!

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  1. stopping in to catch up! Love your son's quotes! Now, if I could just get MY husband to church! Have a great week. Our Easter Break is the week after Easter. Enjoy your's this week!

  2. Saturday I was freezing at soccer. It did not feel like spring. I am so happy to hear your husband went to church with you :)

  3. Oh my goodness your son's prayer, when you think of where his heart was you think how precious! Then you have to giggle over the wording a little, well a lot!

  4. Oh what a precious day your husband went to church with you. I am so excited for you. Your sons little quote is so cute. I hope you get to go shopping soon. I know your daughter was so looking forward to it.


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