Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Ways It Shows You Got Your Tax Refund

1. You pull into the gas station and tell them to "fill it up".

2. You finally get a new pair of shoes for yourself.

3. You take the whole family out to dinner.

4. You get a new cordless phone for the house after your old one has died during almost every conversation you have had with your best friend for the last year.

5. You go to the grocery store and do a "proper" food shop after a lot of weeks of "picking up a few things".

6. You are happy in February.

7. You pay bills without constantly checking how much is in the bank.

8. You let the kids get bake sale at school.

9. You don't complain when your husband buys lunch instead of packing it.

and finally

10. You give a little extra in your church offering, because "hey, you can."

*Thanks to Kathleen who gave me this idea for a blog post.*

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  1. Here are two more:

    I'm smiling because I paid half of our beach house fee for our SECOND week!! B)

    I feel good about switching phone carriers to save lotsa $$ every month, but need to pay an early contract breaking fee. PAID!!!

    It's sooo good to not be in debt. :)

  2. HA HA HA LOVE IT!! SOOO true

  3. Refund, what is a refund? My husband came home from visiting our tax preparer and said, "Well, the good news is I didn't make as much money last year. And the second good news is that I have enough money put back to pay the taxes."


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