Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{wilw}- St. Pat's style!

Loving all things green today!

How about a pair of fresh cut dahlia earrings from craftee mcgee? These are the first thing I thought of when I thought of green! I love the pic on top of the dictionary page!

How about this adorable Sea Glass Sea Turtle Locket Pendant Necklace?

I adore this green wool tote by
Marbled! Oh, the things I could fit in there!

I could totally sport this pale green bloom brooch on Thursday- couldn't you?

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I love the turtle necklace! Adorable!

  2. Oh I'm with you! Those are all so adorable! I especially love the tote and the earrings!

  3. P.S. - I was checking out your giveaway for Hiya Luv and I'm not sure if it's just my computer but I can't access the links. Is it just me?


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