Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's With This Country?

Don't be fooled by the title, I love this country.
But, I have to ask, what is up?
I received a forward thru email that I read the other day and it really woke me up!
Now, mind you, I am not a fan of forwards and usually delete them because they are usually silly pictures of puppies that someone thinks are cute or a letter that promises me wealth and happiness if I send it to 10 others or more recently, a group effort to lower gas prices- sorry a little skeptical.

But, I digress...
The point of the email was that we, as a country, have given excess air time to a man- we'll call him CS, as not to give him anymore popularity. We, as a country, have watched countless hours of him proudly talk about his drug habits and his multiple partners and why he basically doesn't care.

Oh, poor, poor little rich man!

During this time, a number of our soldiers have lost their lives, heroically fighting for our country in this ongoing war, that we seem to forget until election time rears its ugly head again.

Men and women who have families who are grieving.
Why are they not the topic of the prime time news shows?
Or what is being talked about at the water cooler in the morning?

My husband said it best, "celebrity sells".

It is simply ironic that these men and women are losing their lives in a battle that will continue to allow CS and more like him, to have the freedom to say whatever he wants.

And we, the public, listen to it.

Pretty sad.

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  1. I don't watch much television and I avoid reading "celebrity news" online yet I am also sick of him!! Just seeing his face on every news website is driving me batty! Two and a Half Men was actually one of the few shows I enjoyed but now I don't think I can stand to watch it knowing what he is like in real life!

  2. OH I know... Who cares, he is a walking train wreck. Move on!! But it sells so they will watch.watch.watch.

  3. I do NOT get the fascination with him!!


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