Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pasta Night

The kids' school has a Pasta Night fundraiser every year. We have only gone once before, but decided to go this year.
We went sans the husband because he had to work late.
Now the main thing about the pasta night is not the pasta, but the cake auction after dinner.
Parents bring in baked goods and the school auctions them off. You then can share with your table or bring them home.

I worked for 2 days on these springtime cookies and wrapped 50 of them individually and put them in a tin with cellophane all around. I was so excited and thought they would go for a lot.

But, alas, they only went for $50. Now I know that may seem like a lot, but....

This betty crocker cake with decorated oreos went for $90!!!!!

And this giant basket with a lot of different homemade cookies went for $310!

I think I may have to step up my game next year!

All the money went to the church's youth group! And we did have a good time.

But, next year - it's on!

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  1. Thats nuts... your cookies were soooo much better. I am still amazed at how perfect you decorate those... start planning now!!

  2. Your cookies deserved more! They were way cuter than the cake!

  3. Hi, I found your blog link from the Monday Madness Blog Hop and came to say hello! Your cookies were too cute and should have gone for more. Now you know what your competition is like for next year!

  4. I like your cookies the best! I can't believe the cake went for more!

  5. Cute blog!! Stopping by to show some love from the Sweeping Me blog hop

  6. Yea, your cookies were robbed! They are awesome!


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