Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, what a WEEK!

It was a fun and busy week- so excited it has been a little warmer and spring should be around the corner!

We went to a ceramics field trip on Monday. My daughter decided to paint a shell out of all the amazing pieces they had. She enjoyed painting it with her best friend because of course, they chose to paint the same item! So cute.

It was a pretty neat place, but oddly enough, they had a back room where they gave the kids pizza, ice cream and did the limbo. Can you say "kiddie club"? A little strange and just when I thought it was too much, it was time to go.

St. Patrick's day was good with a couple of problems. All the kids wore green and so did I. I had to borrow a shirt for one of the girls, but otherwise, we did ok in the clothing part of the day. And I made the most delicious irish soda bread, thanks to Theresa.

Next up, the corned beef..... where to start? OK, I'll just be honest... I had to wash the pot and must of left some soap in the pot. I filled the pot with water, dumped in a huge corned beef and all the juices and the precious spice packet, and only after I did this, did I notice the soap suds!!!!

I went back and forth, knowing all the while what I had to do! I dumped out the water and rinsed off the beef. I rinsed the pot- properly this time- and filled the pot with new water and the beef, but was now missing my spice packet. I decided to go with pepper and bay leaves.
Fast forward over 3 hours and out comes a perfect corned beef and potatoes and carrots! Then we taste it- spicy!!!! For some reason the pepper and bay leaves were overkill. The meat was tasty but spicy and so were the potatoes and carrots. The kids ate the meat, but said they couldn't eat the rest and my dad said it was too spicy, so I made him a grilled cheese!
There's always next year!

I checked out Savers for the first time. It is a new chain of thrift stores- do you have one by you? It was pretty good, but I had the kids with me, so I didn't get as much time as I would of liked. I will check it out again!

And then last night we had this crazy looking bird on our deck- what do you think?

A large guinea hen?

A wild turkey?

Enjoy what is left of the weekend and don't forget about the giveaway!

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  1. Looks like a guinea hen to me... what and where is savers?? I so wanna go. Gotta see if we have one down here. WHOO HOO

  2. oh my! i am roaring with laughter over that bird thing on your deck! and spicy beef-:) eep!

    oh well-perfect weeks are boring anyhow;)
    that saver's store looks amazing! I don't have one near me sadly! :)gina

  3. Glad you liked the soda bread :) I just finished mine tonight.
    I haven't seen Savers yet- will have to check it out.
    That bird is so funny looking. I have no clue what it is but it is entertaining!

  4. I might have dumped meat into bubbles too.

  5. We have had Savers around here for quite a long time Love them! My cousin finds her kids beautiful name brand clothes all the time there! You have to dig a bit but if you have the time to dig thru the crap you often can find some awesome deals! The ones around here are kind of dirty now, I hope they keep the new ones around you clean! The really neat thing about Savers is the clothing they deem unfit to sell or anything that does not sell after a certain period of time gets bundled (like in a paper bundler but for clothing) and sent to charity.


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