Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying to California

On Thursday morning, I awoke to this. But, that was okay because I was headed to California. My first time going to a different time zone!

I flew out of a local airport, but had to stop mid trip in Chicago. It was nice to be able to walk around an airport without the children in tow. I noticed so many things and window shopped. I ate a hoagie from a place called PotBelly- enough said. I was amazed at the different people. I opted for comfort and wore my black velour sweat outfit, while others wore the latest fashions all while toting their rolling suitcases behind them. I was in awe and while I vowed to wear something nicer on my return trip, I wore the same velour outfit. It's all about comfort, baby!

On the plane, I broke my sugar fast and had a cake pop from Starbucks- I would of never found the delightful treat had I not needed to buy a water for the plane.

The 2nd plane ride was much longer than the first. I had the chance to speak to a real sweet woman and this made the time go faster, but next time, I might take a direct flight. I was motion sick and jet-lagged for the night and the next day of my trip. California was experiencing a lot of rain and cold weather, but it was great to be there all the same!

When I went towards the baggage, my Dad was waiting for me with a sign that bore my maiden name as if he were a hired driver- he always makes me laugh!

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures for the reason I traveled to California- my brother's wedding!

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  1. that was fast. yeah for the wedding.

  2. Your father cracks me up- holding a sign. LOL.
    Can't wait to see pics of the wedding.

  3. That cracks me up holding a sign! What is with Dad's and Brothers and their inability to admit we changed our last names though? My Dad and Brothers still send me mail addressed to my maiden name! LOL

  4. I love that your dad had a sign. I think your travel clothes were problably more comfortable than theirs.

  5. Ha Ha ha!!!! Why your Maiden name?? I spoke to the-chatty Hubby did he tell you?? I asked him how his apron looked on him. Does he hate me now?? lol


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