Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No More Hope For The Groundhog

This is Holtsville Hal- our local groundhog.
You know how it goes- On February 2nd, Hal will venture out of his burrow. If he sees his shadow, he retreats back and we get six more weeks of winter.
If it is cloudy, he sees no shadow and gets out to walk around signifying no more winter.
This is what I have been hoping for.
But, the weather has been so bad that I am worried he won't get out of the burrow because it is blocked by a foot of snow and then we can just forget about spring entirely.
So, my faith was is in a groundhog. I was hoping for no more winter.
Thank God we have the Lord.
Hal doesn't look that trustworthy.
We shall see tomorrow.

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  1. Ha ha, that is so funny and oh so true! We are currently getting pounded by snow for the third time this winter. Ugh, I dream of spring and warm days...

  2. Love, love Holtsville Ecology Site. We used to go there often when we lived in Brookhaven. The best thing is that it is free!


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