Thursday, February 3, 2011

Potty Training.... again

So, Kathi, over at A Heart Like Water, inspired me to get moving and get potty training. She had some tips and she would, because she is the mother to seven adorable kids!!!
But, what I was reminded of, is all kids are different and potty train differently.
I never like the all kids are different thing- I would like if they all followed the same rules in life and I could always use the same techniques on each kid, but alas, they are all unique!

I used some of what Kathi did with her son and some from a site she recommended.
Potty Training 101 from Carrie who writes Little Llamas.
I followed what Carrie said to do with some minor tweaks.

Last week, I got the little guy all excited about underwear. Last week, he was thrilled.
Two days ago, not so much!
When I would say, what are we doing Wednesday, he would respond, "nofing- it's a secret!".

Unfortunately, yesterday was a failure, mostly my fault. We got a late start, because the kids had a 2 hour delay and we had church last night, but we will keep trying. We had 4 accidents midday and no successful potty trips.

Today will be a better day- after we get back from the library program.

At least we discovered the little guy likes to potty train with no pants and fireman boots.

Hey, we all got our methods.

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  1. Glad I was able to be some motivation. You are so right...each child is different!

    Hope your little one's trained ASAP!

    Have a great day, and thanks for linking (wasn't Carrie's post great?)!


  2. ha! I love the rainboots! Might come in handy with accidents! lol!

    good luck to you!

    new follower!


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