Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goodies In My Mailbox!!!

I have gotten some cool things in the mail, one before Christmas and one just recently.

I did a
post back in the fall, highlighting a relatively new etsy shop. H&A Apothecary
has beautiful flower pins/clips and some really neat vintage clothing. After doing the post, they sent me my favorite of the clips.

I can easily use it for my hair or on my shirt or coat. I love the workmanship and the feather detail. It is beautiful.

It came wrapped up in special paper with classy ribbon. I was so excited to open it.

Thanks so much, Heather and Ashley!

And then, just recently, I won a giveaway for this Chiquita Mom gift pack. It was one of those giveaways that had low entries and figured why not take the time to fill out my email and a quick comment.
It paid off- I won a bag for grocery shopping (that I keep saying I am going to bring instead of taking the plastic bags at the grocery store), some baby bibs (that will be passed on to a baby) , some really cool bags for storing frozen bananas for smoothies and a coupon for free bananas!!!
I won it on a blog I found called, Mommy in Surburbia. Check her out.
And the best about these things is, I got them in the mail!!!!
I love getting stuff in the mail, don't you?

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  1. Beautiful pin! How fun that you won, it is always so exciting to get something fun in the mail!


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