Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy!

So, a couple of things:
Kids have been sick and even one trip to the emergency room, but Praise God, everyone is okay.
Because of said sickness, I have been out of my daily routine and have been out more than once without make-up or hair dried. I have this crazy technique of just putting my hair back while wet from a shower in a sloppy bun. This is never attractive and contributes to some of the knots I have had back there since the 90s. (Only half kidding)
However, being around the house so much, as really made me think about my housekeeping or lack of and I am on a mission to clean.
The Husband has been working late a lot and although I miss him, it gives me more time to get stuff done around the house.
I am hoping he and I get a chance to go out together this weekend. Time goes by so fast and our time together seems to be less and less.
What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Thank you for hosting the link-up party!

  2. Can't wait to link up tomorrow!

  3. Thanks so much for coming to visit me! Returning the follow ... :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and so nice to meet you!

  5. Thanks for following from the Social Parade! I'm following you back and I've joined Friday Follow.


  6. Following back. Grabbed your button... =)

  7. Thanks for hosting this blog hop...Following you back. I like your blog too :)

  8. Thanks for the comment! I am following you and adding my name to your blog hop as well!

  9. So sorry about sick kiddos...that's so hard. ER trips are traumatizing for my house anyway. Thanks so much for following Practical Parenting and for this linky! Following back and looking forward to reading more.


  10. Thank you, Chatty Mom, for joining caremikenluisa and making our time happy.

    Do continue to visit us as we will do with you, too.

    Again, thanks.

    Mike n Luisa

  11. I linked up too. I'm new to this, is there a theme or just for fun! The wet bun, ha, thats my everyday, love it! :)Mae

  12. Linked up....twice accidentally!! I think the first one is one I linked up a few weeks ago. Oh, well!! Maybe someone needs that recipe today!

  13. following you back from Divalicious Deals, thanks so much for the follow and for the blog hop!

  14. Just read your Friday blog as well... I guess we all feel like you did when you bumped into your old school mate. Somehow everybody seems to be "prospering" and looking great while you feel like you've aged faster and you certainly don't have it all "together'. You know what.. we're building up a kingdom that'll last forever and our legacy is going to be written in the stars forever. Check out this link Hope it cheers you up some!

    Love & Blessings


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