Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese- Still Undecided....

Recently, I took the boys to a Chuck E. Cheese party. The host was gracious and invited all the kids. But, my eldest had decided the place is full of germs and my other daughter had just went to a birthday party at bounce and play, so I figured just the boys would be nice.

Needless to say, they had a great time, but I am still unsure how I feel about the Chuckster, the Chuck-O-Rama, the Chuck Meister...

Everyone seems to be thrilled that they stamp your hand upon entering, so your child can not leave with anyone but you.

However, I always think they should check at the bathrooms too. To make sure no one has taken my kid in there! Sorry to sound harsh, but these are the things I think about.

So, suffice it to say, my kids do not leave me.

I need to be able to see them at all times. However, someone recently brought up another point- what about the tunnels attached to the ceiling- what if my kid is being hurt in there? This I don't worry about as much. Once I saw my son was in there, I was able to play in the section right below the tunnels with the little guy and watch to see when he would come out.

Another Problem- A lot of people say it is dirty- not just Chuckie's, but most birthday spots. I am not too much of a germ-o-phob, but recently, the kids have been doing very well, which if you have been reading TCM for awhile you would know this is nothing like last winter. So, I was a little cautious, but they did have a couple of purel pumps that we took advantage of.
And one of my sons did have a cold the next day, but he handled it well.

I will say I always love the parties- they are short and to the point. However, for this party, I was scammed by my own kids- once they ran out of tokens, they began talking me into buying more. I kept saying no, and then uncharacteristic of me, I gave in. It was so easy -lol- just a simple swipe of my card and $10 gave us 50 tokens!

What a deal that would be except the kids got called over for cake and pizza and I still have about 45 tokens sitting in my room! Ebay, perhaps?

All in all, I think Chuck E. Cheese is decent. I really like the pizza (what pizza don't I like?), the kids have a good time and a party is only 2 hours. So as long as I go when sickness is not at an all time high, keep an eye on the kids and get out of there in a couple of hours, not a bad day. The kids think I am great and then I can hang it over their head enjoy a special day with them.

What do you think about these indoor party places? Do you avoid them? Have you had your kids' parties there?

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  1. I don't have kids but my brothers and I meet up at a local Chuck E Cheese with my nieces and nephews once in a while. My biggest problem is keeping track of the little buggers! I will be watching one of them doing one thing and all of the sudden they are gone and I am the weird lady watching some kid I don't even know!

  2. I had my son's 2nd birthday there. Really, all the kids love it! I am a bit of a germ-o-phobe so try to avoid it in the winter :) Otherwise lots of hand sanitizer. And the incubation period for most cold viruses is 3-5 days so your son probably didn't get it there.

  3. Oops, was wrong in my previous post. This is what I found: "The typical common cold incubation period is from two to five days, but symptoms can appear in as little as ten hours after the virus first enters the nose."

  4. Rachel- can totally relate.
    I find myself watching other people's kids, cause I know no one else is watching them and I get nervous.

    Theresa- What if I had them wear masks- is that too extreme?
    What if they gave out Chuck E Cheese masks when we entered the place?
    It sounds funny, but I am only half joking. :)

  5. Chuck E Cheese makes me crazy mainly because of the noise and the mayhem. I have enough of that at my house. I don't really enjoy paying to experience it somewhere else. :)

    We have been to kids birthday parties at some venues like this...including Burger King, Bounce U, etc. (My second grader was recently invited to a swimming party at a fitness club.) But, for my own kid's birthdays we always celebrate them at home with family and maybe one or 2 close friends.

    Maybe I'll pick one year that they can each have a big party at a place like this. But, for now it's too expensive.

  6. I'm always afraid I will lose sight of a kid I'm looking after at places like these..and while I was a nanny one my girls actually ran away from me a couple of times and I FREAKED OUT...but the one who did it KNEW how serious I was because I never yelled and I was SCREAMING in public because I was so terrified..and even though she was being a brat and trying to test my patience..she knew that she had gone way beyond what I would tolerate and was in some serious trouble!

    I've never actually been there for a party..and have only ever been once..they're not super popular here...there isn't one anywhere that close to we've never really gone..

    Looks like you guys had a decent day despite the germs and the worry! :)

  7. Stopping by from the hop :) Have a great day.

  8. New follower. I am SO glad my kids are way past the Chuck E Cheese things. I do have to admit 10 + years ago I spent a many a days there & even had my sons 4th birthday party there. Lately I hear of Mom's fighting & having police called to Chuck E. so sound like the one we used to visit may have turned to the dark side.
    Come see my blog sometime

  9. My personal thought is that they should serve large quantities of booze. It's loud. The kids are going insane, and it's really, really, loud.

    I DO let the kids run, but we usually go and are within a couple of feet. It's so scary, though!

    New follower from the hop.

  10. Hi. I am popping by from the bloghop. I am a new follower. Come by for a visit if you wish.


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