Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Woo Hoo- Big Ebay score!

I went to Target the other day cruising for sales.
Actually, I needed something that I can't remember and Target is near Sam's.
But I digress...
I was in the baby section and found a Medela Breast Pump - No, I am so not pregnant, but the kicker is- it was only $94.83!
Now this thing was completely locked up with an alarm, but had that the clearance sticker for $94.83!
I knew I just saw it on someone's baby registry for over $350!

I didn't want to buy it unless I could return it if I couldn't sell it on ebay.
I doubled checked and the cashier said "there was nothing wrong with it", and that "it must of been returned and they are not carrying this model anymore."
I got home, checked ebay, saw they were going for over $200!
I put it up for a one day auction and in 24 hours, sold it for $280!
I took a box I had from Christmas, packed it up, printed the shipping label from my computer and gave it to the mailman in front of my house.
Price Paid- about $100
Price Sold- $280
After shipping and ebay costs, I made about $160 with hardly any effort!
**Ebay tip- if you see something cheap that might be resellable- make sure you keep your receipt and give it a try. - You might just make some money!**

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  1. That's crazy! Ok. So, I've been thinking about trying to sell some stuff on ebay. But, what you just wrote about never even occurred to me. Find hot stuff on clearance and sell it. Good for you! That's a good eye for money-makers that you've got!

  2. Whoa! Way to go!!

  3. That is quite a profit! Good Eye!

  4. Oh that is great. Enjoy your profit.


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