Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lesson From My Kids

We went to a friend's house the other night. She is my close friend and her kids are close in age to my kids. They have a great time together. We all played a game called Hedbandz. It was awesome.

Everyone wears a headband and gets a card in it. Each person gets to ask questions about their card, but never looks at their card. They might ask, "Am I an animal?, Am I in the kitchen?, Do I have legs?" and so on.
The first person to guess what card is on their heads wins.

After leaving and seeing what a great time all the kids had, I started thinking I might buy the kids the game. Then I remembered about all the money I spent on Christmas and starting thinking, maybe one of the kids can buy it with their gift card from their uncle.

Well, this morning the kids reminded me of something I must of forgot in the land of Grown-ups, cash, credit cards and quick fixes- THEY MADE THEIR OWN GAME!

The pictures you are looking at are the girls' headbands (they have a ton) and their own pictures that they drew and colored.

I am proud. They taught me today. And saved me some money. Cause you know if I saw that game in the store- I was so going to buy it!

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  1. The game looks like such fun! It is so cool that they made it themselves.

  2. that was awesome- what a great nite- and I love how the kids saved u money- hey we can learn from them at times- thats soo cool! love your family! xoxoxo


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