Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About My Blog

Well, my blog is finally done and I am extremely happy with it!
Who did it, you might ask?
You can check out her blog here and check out her business, making-over blogs, here.
Mandy gives a percentage of her fees to MS.
She has been working on my blog for a long time and was great about it the whole time. Dealing with many changes and me being plain indecisive.
This pick is a scanned copy of a caricature done of me and the husband when we were dating about 13 years ago. I have had it tucked away in a drawer for a long time.
Then when I started thinking of what I wanted my blog to look like, a couple of things were important to me.
I wanted to have my face, but not a real pic, because I didn't think everyone wanted to come to my blog and see my face everyday.
I thought about a cartoon image, but thought I would be upset when I figured someone else was using the same cartoon image on their blog.
Then I remembered the caricature. It would be me, but not real me and it would definitely be individual.
Mandy did her magic and made it work.
I love it and I am so thankful to her.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. Love the new look. Now I can grab your button :)
    Getting ready for the snow?

  2. LOL LOVE Mr. Chatty looks just like him. Even the snicker...LOL

  3. Theresa- I hate snow!!! And ha ha. lol
    I would move, but it seems like everyone else gets snow too lately.
    Nice to meet you Ms. BabyPlan and thanks
    Gapgirl- I know. The artist drew me like any other brunette, but the husband is spot on!!! I love it and he probablly won't be too happy when he sees it on here- if he does.

  4. I really like it...the real not real you :)

    My button stinks...

    And, how can you hate the snow?!?!!

    Thank you for your comment earlier, always encouraging me, you are!!! (we'll probably be moving back north soon...but not that north!)



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