Monday, December 6, 2010

Warning- New Things Ahead and 2 Mandys.

I have been striving to do some new things within blog world.
I think I have finally made some headway.
First, I think I have finally managed to purchase my domain name,
It takes a few days to go through, but as long as everything goes smoothly you should be able to get to my blog by both and This was a lot easier to do than I thought and I can't believe I put it off this long. Thank you Mandy for explaining to me how it works.
Also, I have been working on my blog makeover for a very loooong time with a very patient and talented woman, also named Mandy and it will be done soon, so do not be surprised if you come and visit and this blog looks very different.
As for my etsy site, I know you think I have flaked. And maybe I have due to birthdays and kids illnesses and Christmas decorating and etc...
I have decided I will still open my shop, but I want to wait until it is done the right way and this might take a little longer. So, no set date, but I will keep you posted.
Have a great night!

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  1. I wondered what happened to you!! I kept trying to follow your link from my blog and it kept saying you didn't exist! Glad to know you are still here and looking forward to the upcoming changes!


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