Monday, December 20, 2010

Funny Things At Our House

my daughter made these and the husband ate them before we could. you have to be fast around here.

So, things are a little crazy at our house lately.
Christmas preparations, Christmas programs, family birthdays and tons of Christmas cookies.
But, crazy times can lead to a lot of funny stuff.

-While bustling around the kitchen the other morning, I hip-checked the little guy who is basically glued to my side lately. He flew across the floor and started to cry, not from being hurt, but because he didn't know what happened! Me, being a nurturing mom, basically said, "Well, maybe you shouldn't always be stuck to me."
I didn't even know he was there.
(only a self-confident woman would admit she knocked her own son out with her hip- or a mom who pressed the publish post button quick!)

-While asking the little boy I babysit for if he ate breakfast, he replied, "mama made me fries". Hey, tis the season.

-The same little boy, wagged his finger at the little guy, telling him, "Santa not coming to your house". To which my family cracked up because we know that is what is mom is saying to him lately.

-Then the little boy told my children that, "ho-ho coming to my house".
I love it - we all laughed at that one as well.

I am anti-santa, but this line of discipline seems to work well for some during the Christmas season. I mean my kids are crazy lately- how about yours?
To which my mother usually replies, "Oh - this is the time of the year when kids act out."
Again- tis the season.

Side note- does anyone have any sure-fire ways of potty training?- AHHHHHH!

Have a great day and try not to eat too many cookies.

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  1. Lots of cookies here too. Actually have some in the oven right now. Love your honesty :)


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