Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Preparations and Blessings

Well, things are moving a little slow in the decorating department.
This is the boys' room Christmas tree.
I considered buying them a little bigger of a tree this year at Walmart, but thankfully my mom's voice saying, "Why?" was in my head.
They throw this thing around, take off the ornaments and leave it in different rooms, only to decorate it again and start over.
They get excited when I take it out and think it is the coolest.
I have battery operated lights that they can turn on and off themselves.
Let's face it- life is good.
I don't have our avon advent calendar up yet and it is December 2nd.
My mom bought the kids a trader joes chocolate advent calendar, which the kids love to talk about who gets the next chocolate. However, this is not hanging up because I can't figure out how to hang it.
So, it sits on the shelf.
Tis the season.

On a serious note, I have been thinking a lot about giving and really want to teach my kids about blessing others.
I heard a couple of stories about a little girl getting a doll from a family friend who said someone left if for her and another woman who had her leaves raked by a friend after dreaming someone raked her lawn.
I read about a man who sent a $1000 check to a woman from a different country who came here to the US and waited on black Friday lines to buy her siblings computers that were stolen from her car.

My son said to me the other day, "I know we are supposed to be thankful and I am, but what are poor people thankful for?"
"What do they have?"
After pulling back my tears, I reminded him of the Lord's gift of salvation and the promise of eternity with Him.
He was okay with that, but concluded with, "It makes it hard to be thankful when I think about poor people, I mean I am thankful for poor people, but I feel sad too."

So, we will find a way to give this year- if we can spring for an extra gift under the tree or an extra cheap toy in the stocking for our own kids, I am sure we can dig deep for others.
We do the angel tree at church, give a dollar when the cashier tells us about a Christmas charity and put a toy in the toys for tots box, simply because the Marine asked us to and he looked pretty serious. My kids want to give to salvation army, but funny enough, I never have change on me- not with my bank card in my pocket. lol
But I want to show them more, not necessarily monetarily, but a bigger act of giving or service.

What does your family do- for Christmas or year-round? I'd like to know.

He who gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes [from their want] will have many a curse. Proverbs 28: 27 amplified

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  1. We have done different things. Some years we pick an angel from a tree and buy a little girl or boy presents. We have bought slippers and robes and things for people in nursing homes. This year I am really struggling with what we should do. I am praying about it though.

  2. Such an inspiration.
    new follower...

  3. Happy Friday! I'm following you via Social Parade Friday! Can't wait to read more of your fantastic blog! Please stop by my blog and visit me at:
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Every year we choose a family we know of who is in need, and we give them a gift card to the food store, we leave it anonymously, so they dont know who gave it to them, and every year God has been faithful to help us bless others!;)

  5. I am stopping to follow. A tree in your children's room is great idea. I think I have a little one I can put in JDaniel's room.


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