Saturday, November 20, 2010

Silly me...

Let me start by saying coupons can be dangerous!

I found a coupon for hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. But, wait, it was for white hot chocolate!!!!
Have you ever heard of something so tasty?
I do not like regular chocolate, but Mama loves white chocolate.
And for only 99 cents, who can go wrong?

Then I realized I will be an adult today.
I will go somewhere with a styrofoam cup with a lid and a little opening to slurp from!
This was new.
I do not drink much of anything but water and I detest coffee and tea.
So, I never take a coffee cup anywhere.
I am so not cool.
I never have one in the store, when I drive or in Sunday School.

Now was my chance to get this white chocolate delight for only 99 cents and do my food shopping while sipping from my styrofoam cup and walking at the same time!

I order it, get me and the little guy back in the van and give it a minute to cool down- I hear that stuff can be hot!
I take a nice sip and

And a normal person might give up with a burnt mouth- but not me.

I wait a little longer and try again.
This time it is not hot, but my teeth start to chatter from the sweetest drink I have ever tasted.
Oh yeah, that's right, white chocolate is nothing more than sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Never again.
I am going back to my "ruin the environment" plastic water bottle.

And a good thing too- did you know there are 25 grams of fat in that white hot chocolate and 56 grams of carbs?
So, not worth it- I'd rather eat taco bell- but that is a whole other story.

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  1. Oh yeah, Taco Bell over hot chocolate anyday. ROFL!

  2. OOHH I Heart Dunkin Donuts.... We have it here =)

  3. I am not one of the cool people with a coffee cup either.

  4. I loved hearing this story in person! It was hilarious! And I will def NOT comment on the taco bell thing- and will never tell of the time we got it together! lol!!!!!! Dont worry your still cool even tho you dont carry a cup! ;)


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