Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Shutterfly!

It's Christmas Card time again!!!
For years, I procrastinated and took forever to mail my cards out.
It wouldn't be unlike me to mail them out the day after Christmas with the attitude- it's the thought that counts.
And way back when I bought the cards that you slip the picture in- costing me for the cards and the 4x6 pictures I slipped into them. And then the work of the slipping!
Well, welcome to 2010 where everyone gets picture cards printed, making life easier, but still sharing the pic of the kids with both family and friends.
And the last couple of years, I have managed to get my act together and mail them out right after Thanksgiving or maybe even the day before!
I thought this year might be the year for a group photo, but the scale has told me something different.
So, I have a great pic of the kids that I won't elaborate on because certain family members might be reading.
I have been contemplating which card to go with and then I remembered Shutterfly!
A couple of my girlfriends used them last year and I loved the Christmas photo cards
These are my contenders- what do you think?

I love the brown with the red!

Love that you get a whole picture out of this one- wonder if I can fit all the family names on this one?

Yes, I know brown and red- I am a simple gal.

And this one is simple, but I like the snowflakes all around it.

I love this one, but isn't the little girl adorable?
Shutterfly also has wall calendars and other photo gifts.
I might just check them out for gifts for the grandparents- cuz you know, grandparents just love gifts with their grandkids' pictures on it!
Check out Shutterfly today!
Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: here!

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  1. sorry it took so long to get

  2. Oh my.... its time for me to break out the camera and get Christmas pictures again....


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