Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Field Trip To Petco- I kid you not.

So, we went to Petco. And I know you are thinking- why would I go to Petco? Basically, for the love of my son and the need to be on every field trip! And since my son's teacher is a true animal lover- off we went. I do not like animals and am even more puzzled by them after this trip.

I mean, let's talk ferrets. First, got to say - gross. Second- the nice lady explained how they have professional ferret breeders that sell them the ferrets that they sell to their customers. Seriously?
People in our country will go hungry and cold tonight- OUR COUNTRY- but don't worry because someone is making money off of breeding ferrets so other people can buy them. I ask you again- seriously?

Ok- sorry about that- back to the kids. They were pretty good and tried not to touch the glass.

They liked all the animals and a cute little girl asked me which bird I liked best? And I was a nice adult, so instead of saying, "none- they are dirty and spread their allergy filled dander all over", - I simply replied, -"the yellow one is pretty".

The lizard was cute- I almost don't mind this little guy. That is actually my finger touching it- and maybe I am sorry I admitted that because my skin's looking a little dry and my nail looks dirty, but it isn't - I promise.

The kids loved the turtle race!

But, the best was and will always be- McDonald's afterwards!!!! Try taking 12 orders and giving kids take-out, yeah, maybe not the best idea. I packed a salad for myself, but of course, ate some of the boys' fries and nuggets! Hey- I am trying.

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I know I have been gone for awhile, but I am back with energy. Tomorrow a cool, vintage giveaway and soon, my new blog design!

And I am still working on my etsy store- I just figured out how to do my pictures, so stay tuned- my store later this week.

Which do you like- The Chatty Mommy Shop or The Chatty Mommy Shoppe?


  1. I like The Chatty Mommy Shoppe.
    Ugh, I would not have liked that field trip, except for the Mickey D's!

  2. Looking forward to the upcoming changes/additions.
    I like Shoppe.

  3. I liek Shoppe!

    I'm proud of you for tellign the little girl you liked the yellow bird...hilarious!! I think it's great how you get to go n all the field trips!!


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