Sunday, October 17, 2010

Join us on a walk...

If it is nice out, after the kids get on the bus, the little guy and I go for a walk. We walk for about a mile and see what we can see. There is a lot to look out here in the burbs of Long Island. Check it out:

A completely yellow house. Rumor has it that the owners consider it a "lucky" color. Wonder how that is working out for them.

Seriously? I didn' t take any pictures of halloween decorations- I loathe halloween. But, I couldn't believe when I saw this on someone's lawn. It was right next to a gravestone for Osama Bin Laden. Apparently Bush was that bad? Come on people- lets not take it that far. I thought this was pretty bad. And one of those things that no one would of done decades ago. Would anyone of put a tombstone with Lyndon Johnson's name on it only a couple of years after he held the office of President of the United States? But, don't worry- that is the holy mother back there in the fountain, so they must be right with the Lord.

These are a ton of acorns that just randomly fall all day long. My neighbor has them and you just hear them fall onto their cars with a little ting sound. It is pretty funny.

Graffiti on the street is apparently popular- is that Smash? Well, Mr. Smash- bravo- way to waste your time.

A sock in the middle of the street that took me about 20 minutes to answer all the little guy's questions on why a sock was in the middle of the street and why I was taking so many pictures. Could one of you please explain to him what a blog is?

Unfortunately, a lot of houses are for sale or in the process of foreclosure. Just a sign of the times of the high cost of living on Long Island.

Beautiful, beautiful fall foliage. Even anti-nature me thought this was a wonder.

It's voting time!!! Go Lee Zeldin! My husband does not allow us to put political stuff in front of the house- but this person had the people I am supporting.

This is a house at the end of the block with water and a bulkhead behind it. My husband's dream. We love the water.

This is a rock we love and always say we are going to make and we don't. :)

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

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