Monday, October 4, 2010

8 questions

I got this from Stairstep Boys and decided to answer myself:

Jen over at Jen's Ink Pen posed a group of questions and rather than tagging different people to answer them, left it openended. Anyone who felt like answering them could. I enjoy reading people's answers to these types of questions, so I thought that I would answer them myself. Here goes...

1. What was your favorite subject in school?
English was my favorite subject. I love to read, but somehow find it very hard to pass this on to my children. I loved school in general- academically it was a great experience. I went to a public school and it had so much to offer in the way of extra curriculars and sports. I really got to take advantage of a lot of great things, though I can't imagine sending my kids there.

2. Do you prefer the Ocean or the Mountains?
I guess the ocean- although I do like the mountains as well. We are blessed to live real close to the ocean and it is beautiful. I love the sand and getting tan and swimming or jumping in the waves. There is so much to do there.

3. What is your birth order... or are you an only child, like me?
I am the oldest and I think it shows a lot in my personality. I have a younger brother and sister.

4. What is your most productive time of the day?
My most productive time of the day is anytime I am under pressure- I am just one of those people who gets it done only under pressure. So 20 minutes before my husband walks through the door, right before we need to leave for church, right before the kids get on the bus, etc...

5. Describe the perfect Saturday.
A lot of you will not like this, but I would love to wake up late, eat in my bed and watch tons of TV.
Then do the same thing all day- I would love to have my husband there, but only if he was interested in the same shows as I am.
I kind of describe it like being in the hospital, but not sick. :)
Or I do love doing anything all day with the 6 of us.

6. Do you get the Flu vaccine?
No. Not into any big explanations- we just don't and it works for us.

7. Is there anything that you really wish you could do?
I used to want to go into politics, but I feel my role as wife and mother are too important for that. I would love to one day be on our local news station as a reporter. But, for right now, I would love to come up with a business that I can do from home and it would be lucrative.

8. If you could be a contestant/participant on any reality show, which would it be?
Without a shadow of a doubt, Amazing Race- I know I could go far- with my husband, my dad or my brother with me- then again, I would probably win if I did it with my mom!!!! I just would have to be able to run a little faster and learn how to drive stick.

Now, if you'd like to participate, why don't you go ahead and take those same questions and answer them in your own post? Leave me a comment letting me know that you're doing it so I can swing by your blog and read your answers.

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  1. Ah, I could relate to your answer about when you are most productive. I too seem to work best under pressure. In school I was whipping out my term papers in epic all-nighters. I guess for me procrastination and working under pressure go hand in hand. I always get stressed when I'm under pressure but it seems to be my most effective motivation.

  2. Hi!
    So fun to read your answers!
    I love your Pressure time...same for me..I've just never thought of it that way!
    Amazing Race YES! Great answer!
    Ocean for me too...but just by a little bit...and No to vaccines!
    Enjoy your day!
    :) Jen


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