Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have you started Christmas Shopping Yet?

Every year, I insist we will take some money from our tax return and put it in one of those Christmas accounts and then buy all our Christmas gifts in one shot, because the money will be there in that special account.
What a good idea!
It never happens!!!
Ah, the best laid plans...

And every year I plan on shopping early- in the summer even, and sometimes I start slow- but not this year.
So far, I have 5 pads of paper that stick to the fridge that I bought for 30 cents each at Michaels. I plan on making one of those floral pens to go with it and give them as Sunday School teacher gifts. And even though I have the pads- I am planning on making the pens soon so as not to leave them to the last minute like the old me!
Oh yeah, I also have some weird kind of outside frisbee toy that I bought for my teen cousin for $7 clearance at Target.
Now, I am planning on returning said frisbee, because I am thinking it is not even something he is interested in!

But today will be different.
I will make a master list of who we will buy for and start to figure out what to buy.
And the kids I leave to near last because they change their minds and I wind up over-spending.
What about you?
How do you plan for Christmas?
Do you budget?
Do you buy for a lot of people?
Do you write lists?
I would love to know.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. For the past few years we have been using our Discover card to buy food and gas. We enrolled in their rewards program so we earn points. We trade our points in for gift cards and then use the gift cards to Christmas shop. It feels like free money!

  2. I adore Christmas, and gift giving is my love language, so I usually start shopping in April [actually last year I started on December 26th!] For some reason I actually haven't really started this year, though.... I think moving out to Colorado kind of threw me off. Definitely need to get cracking on it, though! :]

  3. I prefer not to dwell on the disasters of the past but plan on keeping my eyes on the bright future ahead of me as the Christmas season approaches. LOL Kidding of course. Christmas shopping never goes as planned, everything costs more than I expect and I never get done all that I want to. This year, though: Each boy is getting the exact same thing, I know what it is, how much, where to get it and have already budgeted to do so in November. Other that that one big gift, I'll stuff the stockings to the gills which will fulfill my urges to over shop for them! For everyone else.... I'll probably just wing it like I do every year!!!

  4. I am a obsessive list maker - every single day I have a to-do list!! :)
    Throughout the year if I think of/see a gift idea for someone, I make note of it. I use this list for birthdays and/or Christmas to somewhat alleviate the stress of figuring out what to buy/make for someone.
    So far I've purchased 1 gift, begun a couple of handmade gifts, and will begin my family scrapbooked calendar gifts shortly after Halloween.
    I also make a wishlist for myself throughout the year, because it never fails, on December 20th my husband will ask, "what do you want for Christmas?"!!! Then I've got ideas galore for him to choose from.
    I love shopping online, rather than fighting the crowds. I do tend to take some time to find the best price, free shipping, etc. And finally, I am an anti-black friday shopper; however, sometimes a black monday online shopper.

  5. I have started already and since my older girls are older they want clothes and shoes and pocketbooks. I already almost finished them and happily bounced around the stores shopping for them... right up my alley. The littles just have 1 or 2 each so far but will continue once I recover and leave the house.


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