Friday, October 22, 2010

H&A Apothecary- {discount}

I happened upon the most interesting etsy shop the other day and I wanted to share it with you.
H&A Apothecary

H&A Apothecary is an online boutique based out of Utah run by two sisters, Heather and Ashley. I asked them some questions and Ashley answered them.

What made you start an etsy store?
Heather and I have always appreciated lovely and unique items. It started out as something fun we did together with our Mom, but eventually it flourished into our want to create a shop where others can find interesting clothes, home decor, and accessories. So, we created a blog, which eventually turned into our want to expand - which led us to joining Etsy!

We've been brainstorming and researching our shop items and philosophy for around six months. Right now we have vintage items, hand crafted hair clips that double as a flower pin, and vintage clothing items tailored and remastered specifically for H&A Apothecary by the very talented Tiffani from The Vintage Zebra, a fellow Etsy member.

What are your favorite items in your shop right now?

Ashley's favorite item: Raleigh, the vintage long-sleeved, pleated dress - It's so unbelievably comfortable and adorable at the same time. I really love it because any body type could wear it and look amazing.

Heather's Favorite item: Our carefully handcrafted flower pins are my favorite...we have such a large variety that it's hard to pick just one - but the Samantha and Sarah are my favorites.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to open an etsy shop?
Be patient and go for it!

The Chatty Mommy's personal favorite, the Caroline. Though I am not sure if I would use it as a pin or a hairpiece!
Heather and Ashley are offering 2 buy one get one free flower pins to the first two people who write a reason why they like items in the Apothecary shop. (only valid when buying one pin/clip at full price). So all you have to do is leave a comment and then shop- make sure you are one of the first 2!
They will also take 20% off when you mention The Chatty Mommy at the time of purchase for the next two weeks!
Go and check out H&A Apothecary and maybe even pick up a little something for yourself.
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  1. ok- I love the pins/hairpins- they are so beautiful, and remind me of a country western movie where the women are all decked out in big fluffy dresses with bid hats- those flowers sooo belong on them! I want one- or two- one for my CHATTY FRIEND!!!

  2. this is great stuff!! Thanks for sharing. I'm totally addicted to etsy :)
    i'm a new follower from the Social Parade on Friday. glad to have found you and i can't wait to read more


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