Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farm Field Trip

The kids go on a lot of the same field trips through the grades and this one is no exception. Although usually over-priced- we always have a great time. They have the best roasted corn and where else can you find a pig race, a maze and the best pumpkins? Harbes farm on Long Island.

The class all puts their pumpkins with their names on the bottom into a wagon that gets pulled through the farm.

A bunny hutch with a "hare" kutz place- tee hee hee. And then in small letters it says, "Hop-ins welcome!" Now that my friends is Chatty Mommy humor!!

This was our guide - I can't believe it but I forgot her name- that never happens to me- let's call her "Jane". Jane is calling out for the pig race.

The pig race and yes- I forgot who won! They were so fast!

They have a track with little pedal cars. The kids loved it.
A great day was had by all.
What about you?
Any field trips planned?

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  1. I love and miss that place =(

  2. Will have to check this one out. I have heard of it, but never been there. I love the North Fork, especially in the fall.

  3. We had a farm like that where we lived in Cincinnati...but there's nothing like it here (there's nothing like anything here).

    Looks like you guys had fun, don't you love FAll? :)


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