Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fair

The kids' school has a fall fair every year and the kids love it. It is in their small gym and they play games and have goodies. It is small enough where we can let the kids walk around by themselves- this is always exciting to them. We, the parents, get to stand around and chat each other up while handing out dollar bills to the kids. This time I got smart and told the kids to bring their own money! This worked for the kids who could locate their money. *Note to self- stop letting boys hold their own money in their rooms- they lose it and when I need to borrow it- I can't find it!**

Both girls entered the bobbing for apples contest- the 2010 version where each kid has their own bucket so as not to share germs- the germophobic, purel toting mommys were real happy about this!

And unfortunately, both girls lost- they just couldn't press it down far enough- maybe they didn't want to get wet?

And ah, yes, the jello contest- I think this was the first time my daughter ever had jello!

She did pretty good, but wouldn't of it been nice, if her mommy bothered to tie back her hair?

And somehow my daughter guessed how many skittles were in this container! 920!

A fun time was had by all, but do you know what I could do with 920 skittles that won't rot my kids teeth or hurt their stomachs?

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  1. Your daughter must be in heaven having won all those Skittles! Sorry, I don't have any clever ideas for utilizing them that doesn't involve tooth rot.

  2. I'm the sneaky mean mommy, who when presented with oodles and oodles of candy that my children have no business devouring, slowy - day by day - feeds a handful of it to the garbage disposal while they aren't looking. I'm sure they think I've eaten it all but they never seem to notice that it disappears far faster than it ever should have! ;)

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower.

    I've an idea for the Skittles. Art projects! Once you've glued them to paper they become inedible. : ) It would be fun to make rainbows out of them.

    Have a great day!



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