Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Old Friend...

Hello Black Velour Sweatsuit!
Boy, have I missed you.
I can't believe it is time to bring you out again, but the leaves are falling and the time is here.
You should know I love you because I never pack you in the basement and keep you hanging in the closet.
Just in case it gets cold in the summer...
I know you might be upset with me for separating you- hooded zippered sweatshirt by the door and pants hanging- but at least, part of you was used this summer on those cold nights.
I appreciate you for so many reasons.
Thanks for always looking black when I fade all other laundry.
Thanks for not shrinking- must be your beautiful combination skin of poly and cotton.
And thanks for always fitting whether I am a size 2(HA) or 20.
I will never get rid of you my faithful friend.
I know you must be thinking, "yeah sure, that must be what she said to the burgundy velour she threw out last year".
I promise you the burgundy could never compare to you- her coloring too off, her blend- not quite right and she just wasn't gonna make it.
But you, I wear you so much during the week and you keep on going.
Sometimes 2 days in a row.
Thanks for allowing me to wear you to a Wednesday night or morning prayer at church and hold my head high even though I was not wearing slacks or a skirt.
Thanks for having pull strings that have not fallen into the holes and are always at the ready.
You look cute with sandals or sneakers or my wanna be Uggs from Kmart.
I can even spill stuff on you and the chance of anyone seeing it is slim.
So, in closing, thank you for your years of service. You are truly a steal at under $15 a piece from Sams.
And your Calvin Klein label makes me feel so special.

I am looking forward to the long winter ahead.

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  1. So I was reading your post I thought I should have bought that at COSTCO last year. I didn't but you can bet if they have them this year it is mine. So much better than my "only wear in the house" yoga pants.

  2. In the little thumbnail picture on my sidebar it looked like you had posted a picture of black leather motorcycle pants and jacket. Just thought I'd share that with you.

  3. Great post!!!I brought my old faithfulls to the forefront of my closet the other day too...

  4. You make me laugh.

    I will have to visit Sam's this weekend, and keep my fingers crossed they have black, velour, Calvin Klein sweatsuits :)

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  6. haha! I have the same old faithful one! Do you think if we wear them the same day people will be really confused!!! Thx for being my look a like- I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my velour suit too- great post! ttys! xoxo

  7. Too funny! Love your style, can't wait to read more!

    Following you from Social Parade on Friday. Please stop on over and check me out!

    Happy Blogging!

  8. I've managed to resist the velour jogging suit...but your post made me consider turning to the dark side :)

    It would be much more stylish than my ratty fuzzy fleece pants and sweatshirts.

  9. I'm here from the hop...I love your design on here, absolutely beautiful. I'm your newest follower, if you get a chance, please stop on by mine, I'm still new so be patient with me. Thanks!

  10. I'm a new follower from a Friday blog hop. :)

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  12. Ha ha! You're so cute! Hope you enjoy wearing your comfy outfit!

    Here from FFF, have a super weekend!

  13. you threw out the burgundy one??? OH my. As soon as you mentioned it I instantly pictured you in it from all those years ago that we lived close... =(( Miss you my friend and im humbled that your praying for me... LOVE the post and make sure you buy another suit this year!!!c


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