Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Perfect Egg Sandwich and Getting Organized

The other day while we were all enjoying our breakfast, I turned and noticed our toddler was busy at work making his own egg sandwich. He didn't say anything or ask for help, he was just busy.
I turned in time to watch him at work.
I remember how much I did for my first- she probably would of looked at me and I would of jumped, anticipating that she wanted me to make her an egg sandwich.
Now my youngest figures everyone is busy, so he should just go ahead and make his own.
I love it!
Now I need to get the rest of the household (with the exception of the husband- he does enough at work) helping out more. This definitely requires a chart. And some teaching. Like the oldest learning how to iron her own school clothes, so I can stop jumping up to start the iron, taking out the iron board, to iron a pair of pants that wouldn't fit on one of my legs. But I digress...
I need to be organized.
After school, I dream of having healthy smoothies and a healthy snack ready for the exhausted kids (mine) who walk in the door, but it winds up being crazy and everyone grabs what they can.
I need to write a chart that says when you get home from school, wash your hands, take your lunch bag out of your backpack, put your backpack in the designated spot, put your shoes away, hang up coats and start your homework.
This seems easy enough, but I wind up telling each kid over and over to do so.
And meals- most of you would pass out if I told you my grocery bill- it is the island, so stuff is expensive and we do not have super walmart!
Plus the husband likes good meals, but there has to be a way to cut down and spend less.
Lists, my mom would say.
That would probably require me being able to see my desk through the 2 foot pile that currently resides there to find pen and a paper.
Organization- I think I might break down and get organized.
I have too or else....
I will end up on that hoarders show wearing my stir-up pants!
There is still hope!
Gotta go- I think I see that pen and paper.

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  1. Good luck. I always seem to be battling disorganization. I finally get one area done, move on to the next, and in the process of organizing that I end up cluttering up the first area all over again!

  2. Love the pictures, especially the buttery fingers! I get the weekly circulars and search for what is on sale. We do a lot of shopping at Trader Joes. If you know what you are looking for, it is cheap.
    Hope you found that pen and paper (wink).

  3. Oh those reminders...sounds just like home! Before & after school can become quite chaotic for us. I saw a chart on another blog that she laminated for her kids to take more responsibility, and perhaps be rewarded for doing so. I've been tossing those ideas around in my head.


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