Monday, September 20, 2010

Moms in Touch International

So, today I went to the kids' school for my first Moms in Touch International meeting. Our mom's group talked about MITI awhile back, so I knew a little about it, but it was great to be a part of it today.
The idea is a specific prayer for one of your children and their school or homeschool. You only pray for one of your children each week. The prayer is based upon an attribute of the Lord. Ours was wisdom today and we used Ephesians 4:2 ("Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love") when praying specifically for our child.
MITI helps moms pray in an organized way cutting out extra talk making it easy to get right down to business.

The leader described how it works and talked about the importance of prayer and leaving things with the Lord and she had a pretty cool analogy.
She said when you go to the diner and you ask the waitress for a cheeseburger, you do not worry if she is going to bring you a cheeseburger, you know she will. Likewise, when we ask God for something, we should not worry and know that he will provide.

I am sure we can have more faith in God than in a waitress we have never met before, right?

MITI is a great tool and women have been using it for decades. They have groups for school, public and private, and homeschoolers.
Check them out here.

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  1. Oh wow, MIT is really great. When I was teaching in public school they left a gorgeous basket in the teachers' room with a note to let us know they were praying for us. It was such a nice gesture. I remember being so excited to know there were parents praying for me just as I would pray for my students. We never knew what parents were MIT. It was annonymus.

  2. I just checked out their website and I'm really interested in this. I've been parts of a MOPS group since my first was a baby. But now that my two oldest are in school this seems like such a great way to join together as moms and support our children in prayer.

    Ok - this might seem like a weird question, but does each mom have to pray out loud? For some reason, I get so nervous, self-conscious, and tongue-tied when I have to pray out loud.

    So, what's a typical Moms In Touch meeting like? (I know- keeping in mind you've been to one so far)


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