Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Keepin' It Real....

I was doing a little blog hopping this morning. Lately, the only blogs I keep up with are the ones on my sidebar. But, I saw some really cool things from some of the bloggers I already follow (I follow a lot of people).
One nice lady showed a ton of pictures of how she was"harvestizing" her home for under $12.
She had a lot of nice things and I liked it a lot.
When she offered one of her burlap bags for a giveaway- me, being a giveaway junkie- signed up- she just wanted to know how we planned on "harvestizing" our homes. I couldn't help it - I let her know what I planned on doing.

I told her, "This year I plan on putting up those colorform things that stick to the window, that are most often on the wrong side of the glass and people can't really see them from the outside. Then, we will watch them fall off the window because they are old and hey, because it is fall. Then I am considering just randomly putting holes in our walls to hang all the goodies the kids have ever made for autumn from school and church.
The piece de resistance?
I might take the broken screen out of our front door just for the holidays."

But then I thought, "How will I possibly embarrass my tween daughter without the broken screen?"
Oh, I suppose I'll think of something.
Seeing as the bus picks up the kids right in front of the house, I suppose I can wear something silly for all the world to see!! Or at least some of the kids her age on the bus!
Have you seen some of my pajamas?- I have some from high school still, but that is a whole different post.

After writing this comment on said lady's blog, I wrote lol- because how was she gonna know I was teasing her- even though I was truthful.

And then I thought, "maybe I will harvestize this year."
If I do, and I am not promising anything, cause you know how us procrastinators are, I will post pics.

In the mean time, if you want an extra entry for the giveaway that ends tomorrow- go here and tell me how you plan on harvestizing!

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  1. So glad I am one of the blogs in your sidebar! You need a button so I can add you to my blogs I frequent page. You crack me up. I know what you mean about standing at the door in your PJs. I often do that to grab the mail, but I hope no one sees me!

  2. Ok - you know how people write 'LOL' all the time. But, truth is I very rarely laugh out loud at something I read. I was absolutely laughing out loud at this!

    My husband was sitting in the room with me at the time. And, I forced him to continue to sit here and listen to me as I read this post to him. (I think he hates it when I do that). But, it even got a smile out of him. And, that's saying a lot!

    My harvestising? (Is that a word by the way?) It consists of one mum and 3 pumpkins on our front porch. Wait. Actually the mum blew off the porch with the rain/windstorm we had today. And,2 of the pumpkins are laying on their sides instead of sitting upright, because I think my boys were having a race rolling them across the porch. At least they didn't stab them yet with random objects.

    Oh yeah and I'll go to the giveaway entries and leave an abbreviated version of that so I have another entry.

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    living well, spending less

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