Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CSN Review- A New Frying Pan

When I wrote this last post, someone (Theresa) suggested a stainless steel pan. When the great people over at CSN offered a review of one of their products, I knew I wanted to get a new frying pan!
After placing my order, I received a confirmation email letting me know it would take about a week to get.
Next, I received an email letting me know my item shipped.
And in the mail, I received this beautiful Kinetic Classicor 12 inch Stainless Steel Covered Chicken Fryer! CSN was great in getting it to me exactly when they said and the box was in great condition.

I love the shiny stainless steel! It is a beautiful sight to behold.

And boy, do we use this pan!
The first night, I made a huge mess of chicken cutlets- the 4 pound package for dinner, leaving us extra for wraps.

And don't forget a family favorite, BACON! In case, some of you forgot in the middle of our healthy eating movement- bacon is those crispy strips of pork that make every meal better.

And one of the best parts of the pan is the clean up- I never realized how quickly a stainless steel pan cleans up. And with our family, we use the pan almost everyday- it is nice that clean-up is a snap.

My purchase with CSN was flawless and I highly recommend ordering something from one of their over 200 stores!

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**I received this pan from CSN for the purpose of review. I was not compensated in any way.**


  1. So happy to see you got a stainless steel pan. It is beautiful! You can cook everything in it. My favorite is a chicken fryer too. I just took out the insert and use it for everything...french toast, eggs, stir frys. Glad you got away from that peely non stick and are enjoying the change to stainless steel :)

  2. PRAISE THE LORD you got a new pan!! LOl and a beautiful one at that. Enjoy all the fried goodness you will make =)

  3. That is one beautiful pan. I just threw away 2 of my old teflon pans (the teflon was flaking off - probably not a great thing for our health). I will go to this site to get more info about this pan. Does it work well for eggs?


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