Saturday, September 11, 2010


Things I remember from 9/11 that remain fresh in my mind:
-I walked up to the convenience store with my only child at the time in a stroller in between the attacks.
Someone told me about the plane hitting the WTC. I walked fast, almost running home thinking something would fall on me from the sky, but somehow our tiny one bedroom apartment would keep me safe- Just imagine what people in war-torn countries go through.
-I was so happy to be able to be with my baby, but wanted my husband home so badly. I just felt like it must be end times. When he did come home, I cried and he laughed a little- in a nice way.
-A girlfriend that had always discussed church with me, but never committed to going, called me first wanted to know what I thought and started thinking she needed to get right with the Lord. So many seeds must of been planted that day.
-I read the story of Todd Beamer and was amazed of the bravery of both him in the plane and the courage of his wife to go on without him, having their 3rd child without him and feeling the need to share his life with everyone as a way to share the Lord as well.
-The countless stories I have read and continue to read about the bravery of people and the selfless acts they committed while trying to escape the WTC.
-A point in time when everyone liked George W. and were thankful to have a praying President.

I am going to think on these things today and find an age appropriate way to bring them up with my kids.
I am so thankful to live in this country.
And I am praying for those who have an extreme loss on their hearts today.

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  1. It was a scary day especially being in NY. I remember hoping the horrible smoke wouldn't pollute us. Those poor workers who had to breathe in all that debris and are now sick because of it.


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