Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WARNING- Jar Sauce can go bad when left in the CAR

Last week when I went food shopping, I bought my husband's favorite jar sauce.
I do make homemade, but have made it so much in our 11 years of marriage that he decided to switch to jar. So he eats his and I make mine for the kids and I.
I had the kids help me unload the car.
2 days later, I found the jar of sauce still in my trunk. The weather has been pretty mild, so I just put it on the shelves.

Yesterday the kids and I spent the day with our Aunt at Friendlys (my favorite) and at a local chuckie cheese type place. We had a great time, but...
I got home close to 7 and still had to cook dinner.
I had planned on making meatballs, so that is what I made. I took some meatballs and put them in my husband's sauce.
We begin eating and my husband so nicely says, "You have to start to make different meatballs!! These are gross- get a recipe off of the internet".
To which I say, "please be nice- we think they are good", as the kids nod their heads in agreement.

He continues to eat, but still complaining.
Then he tells me - I think the sauce is bad.

Then it clicked.
It probablly was bad- it was in the trunk of my black minivan for 2 days. I tasted the sauce and have never tasted something so bitter and told my husband I couldn't believe he was eating it.
I gave him a plate with our sauce and he said, "these meatballs aren't that bad", which was a compliment I was happy to take.

Then I started thinking- do I have to tell him the truth about the sauce?

He sat down and started complaining that we pay too much money at the store to get a bad can of sauce and he wanted to go tell them too.

I knew I had to tell him. I looked at him and he said, "what?"

"I might of left it in the van for 2 days", I tell him bracing for what he'll say next.

He was great and took it well and even laughed.
All is well in our house, but let it be a lesson- stuff can go bad in the trunk of the car in the summer.

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  1. That is funny! Your husband was a good sport.

  2. LOL I can only imagine his face......

  3. Men eat just about anything, I've noticed:) Poor guy. lol


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