Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Not much going on around here, but....

My son caught a little virus, which can really trigger his asthma and Praise God, he is doing well and without breathing medication!!! I am so excited and know he will be medication free one day soon. It is one of those things you can't see happening while it is going on, but now looking back- I am amazed at where God has brought us!

I have been on the computer too much recently- especially after being re-introduced to etsy. We have been looking at crafts for the kids upcoming party. This takes up too much time. So, yesterday and today, I have been working hard at getting the house in order and not so much on the computer- if you have been wondering- just sayin.

I am pretty upset lately about a blog author that appears on my blog frog. I don't know her and I want to be careful not to judge, but her whole blog seems to promote being joyful after divorce. Again, not judging anyone with a divorce- I do not know circumstances and it is not my place, but....
I do not believe in divorce and feel her title alone, screams out, "Don't worry- life will be fine if you want a divorce."
So, I guess my problem is I don't want to help advertise for this woman's blog, but she is under blog frog's promotions section. I tried to block it, but it didn't work. What would you do?

On another note, I am really enjoying Stairstep Boys' "mini-series" of posts on finances and rental property. I love to hear how other people live financially.
I, myself, spend too much money on things that I shouldn't and need to get organized with our grocery bill and the things the kids actually need versus want.

I can't believe school is around the corner- I am so sad by this, but it does get me more organized! That's always a good thing. I want to start planning for Christmas and how best to go frugal. Anyone with ideas or places to go for ideas, I am all ears.

I watched that hoarding show last night with the husband. Sad to say, I understood some of what they were feeling. I saw a woman who liked crafts (check) and bought stuff with intent to use it (check) and then left it in a big pile (check) and then the pile got so big she couldn't comprehend how to organize it (check), but then when the show paid for a professional organizer she couldn't handle parting with anything so she kept taking breaks (Not ME)!!!
Ok, so I am not a hoarder, but the potential is there..... (Cue scary music)
Hey, at least I won't be the crazy cat lady- I am not by any means an animal lover!!!

Well, this week, I am hoping to get some projects done, hit the beach to work on the tan (lol- like I lay on a towel without kids- hmm- that's not actually a bad idea) and tackle the kids' rooms and weed out junk before school starts! I have 3 going this year- so sad. Where does the time go?

Just thought I would share my thoughts that float around in my head and if you haven't already, check out the awesome giveaway that is going on now!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh yeah- sorry - one more thing- I promise-
Does anyone know why my blog has so much space at the top?
I don't know what happened!

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  1. In response to the ladies blog that you do not know. I know you don't agree with divorce I don't either but maybe your words can be an encouragement in some way to her. You don't have to visit her blog or anything. It is so hard to reach out to people who think differently or believe differently but that is what we are suppose to do. How will they learn about the Lord if we don't. You are doing a great job just keep it up you never know who you touch. I hope I am not out of line in any way. Not meaning to be.

  2. Thanks Crystal. You are right and I agree with what you are saying. I told myself I wouldn't write about it until I figured the right wording, but it has been on my mind a lot and I just kind of said it. I am not upset with the woman herself. I just don't want the title on my blogfrog.
    Thanks for the compliment and I don't think you are out of line- I appreciate the correction.


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