Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is it morning already?

I just want to know, why do they keep fighting?
"She hit me."
"She said she was going to play with me and now she isn't."
"He's so annoying!"
"It wasn't me!"

And then the minute I say we might not go to the beach they hug each other.

That's the problem- we told them if they are ready early enough- we are leaving by 9:30am to hit the beach.
Therefore, this translated into all 4 of them waking up before 7 with their bathing suits on waiting to go.
Standing over me in bed saying, "Mom, are we still going?"
"Mom, when are you getting dressed?"
"Mom, remember Dad said we had to be ready early."

Yeah, I remember what Dad said and I am beginning to think, we will never tell them that again.
Boy, am I cranky.
Sorry about the rant- it will get better when we get to the beach and they can get the energy out.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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