Sunday, August 22, 2010

EtsyAugust- Elephant Tales - {giveaway}

We're back with an all new giveaway!!!
Elephant Tales is a great etsy shop filled with personalized goodies!

Susan started Elephant Tales in 2006 and switched to selling on etsy in 2007.

I asked her some questions about her shop and her life.
She wanted to share how she came up with her adorable logo, "My oldest son loved elephants so that's how Elephant Tales came about. Each one of the elephants in my logo represents one of us. My husband is the first elephant with tusks. I'm the second one with the blue eyes and pink toenails! My 9 year old is the third elephant with a tiny scar across his back and my 7 year old is the last one (his hair stuck up when he was little)."

When asked, why she started her business, Susan answered, "I wanted to make some extra money and still be able to stay at home with my kids. I most enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my kids. The time we spend together is priceless!"

The site she visits most is etsy, but also loves
She thinks everyone knows she is a perfectionist and likes everything just so.

I think her work speaks for itself. I first saw Elephant Tales when looking at bottle cap necklaces. I love this one with the little owl and know my girls would too. She also has necklaces with initials for that personalized gift!

And my favorite: Personalized items!!!! These wooden door signs remind me of a catalog I love that would sell these for triple the price. What a value Susan offers for beautiful work!

Susan and Elephant Tales have offered a giveaway for one The Chatty Mommy reader!
A personalized wooden baby block birth announcement/keepsake! They are Susan's favorite out of everything in her shop and she said, " I love personalized items and cute little inexpensive gifts that new parents really love and appreciate. After all, their baby is the most precious thing in their life and these blocks are a reminder of that."
I love the 2 shown below,

but she has many different colors and styles to choose from.

I know there are a ton of mommy bloggers out there that are prego and someone always seems to be pregnant at church or in the neighborhood or maybe you are! Or maybe you are feeling like maybe this would be good to get for a older kid to add to their keepsakes.
This is the perfect gift.

What do you have to do to win?

Be a follower of The Chatty Mommy and visit Elephant Tales and let me know what block you would pick and tell me for who or tell me it's a surprise! (mandatory)
Make Elephant Tales a favorite on etsy- 3 entries.
Blog About It- 5 entries.

Make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry you receive.
The giveaway will end Sunday, August 29th at 2pm EST. A winner will be picked by

BUT WAIT, Susan is offering 10% to any customer that makes a purchase and mentions this blog. The 10% will be refunded back after purchase.

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  1. These blocks are really cute. Ok, well, I am a follower. And, I would choose one of the blue boy personalized blocks (wasn't sure how to differentiate between the dif. blocks available). And, my sister is expecting her first baby, a boy, in Sept. It would be for her.

  2. Oh, and I just blogged about your giveaway today.

  3. I love these blocks! Hoping if i win it can be personalized for my boy/girl twins!

    I am a follower!

  4. I also blogged about your giveaway and invited my friends and family to visit your awesome blog!

  5. Hey Chatty Mommy. Thanks for letting me know what I needed to do to complete my entries...
    Blogged about it #2

  6. Hey, I'm not the only entrant anymore. Now we got a contest! :)
    Blogged about it #3

  7. **This giveaway is now closed.**
    Stay tuned for a winner!


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