Monday, August 9, 2010

Do you think....

...I need a new pan?
I cook everyday and my pots and pans and dinnerware sets are deplorable. Not to mention I own one cookie sheet and it looks worse than my frying pan!
Oh yeah- that is my stove that was probablly installed in the 70s.
I am not really complaining (ok I am), but it is my own fault. I spend money on junk all the time without really thinking.
I could of been saving for something new- like a frying pan or maybe even a stove.
I read a blog the other day and the woman said her family of 5 did not use disposable toliet paper and would do anything as long as it was moral and legal to save money.

OK, don't get me wrong, I am not about to stop using my Scott's 1000 sheets (good for the cesspool by the way), but could I save a little more?

Oh yeah!
So, I am wondering if anyone has some really great money saving tips and/or some great money saving blogs?

I feel some life changing, money changing plans for this fall for this family.
Let me know what you think or do, or both.

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  1. Yes I think it is time for new pans!

    Kristin at Bits and Pieces from My Life has been hosting Thrifty Thursday all Summer...she's had some good tips.

    Also, Blessed Quiver (I think) had some great tips quite a while back.

    I'm not frugal or thrifty, so please share what you learn.

    :) Kathi

  2. Um.. BUY NEW POT AND PANS.LOL. I think you can explain that one away. I HIGHLY recommend Le Creuset. Its shockingly expensive at first but they carry the larger ones that don't come in sets (for larger families.) and I use mine every day. I have a big red one that every meal is cooked in. Its HUGE!! And I have been using it daily for 5 years and it shows no wear n tear. PLUS its lifetime guarantee... go to the riverhead outlets and check out their stuff. Great deals. These are pans we will be passing down to our grandchildren and they will still be great. i promise.... or go to a restaurant supply store for heavy duty stuff... quite comically... we have outgrown the wal-mart size sets and now need to go there for our supplies. =p. love it. Costco also has rest. supplies for great prices....

  3. I don't have any money saving tips, but please buy a new pan. Especially if it is teflon, please do not use it anymore. Stainless steel is much better.

  4. I like saving money even though I am not good at it--but....I could never NOT use disposable toilet paper. Ha!


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