Saturday, August 28, 2010

Becoming a Little Lady

My little girl is hands on. She likes bugs and worms and finding hermit crabs at the beach.
She wipes her mouth on her shirt and laughs real loud if someone burps. But she is still all girl. She is still young and I kind of just let her be. I don't want her to grow too fast, so I don't say too much about her not crossing her legs or doing things in a unladylike fashion. She's got time.

Then the other night, I asked her to set the table and she folded the napkins in a new way. Instead of just throwing the napkin down and forgetting the flatware, she placed them in a neat little way within the napkin. She took pride in her work and beamed when I told her I loved it. And without my constant proding, I realized.... little girl is becoming a little lady.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. my daughter is 8. She has a 10 year old brother and we are very active in the boyscouts. She goes camping and plays with dirt and bugs. Then she comes home, showers, puts on a skirt and paints her nails. Best of both worlds!


  2. Love the way she folded the napkins. Will have to show that way to my kids. Chores are starting up again (more strictly) in a few weeks when we start school.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I hope she masters the art of being ladylike but keeping all those crazy boyish bits too. They'll be her friend for life is she can... x

  4. SO sweet! I know it melted your heart when she was excited with her table setting!


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