Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whose idea was this anyway?

This is me- want to know why????
Well, it has something to do with the blue bed below....

All 3 of our older children slept in the crib till they were over 3.
Our neighbors, who are great, had this bed that their son was done with. They offered it to us. I, not being able to physically pass up anything free, of course, said yes.
When we did switch the kids into a bed after age 3, it was always into a twin bed and with a rail that usually made them hesitant to climb out.
This is a toddler bed.
We took it in the winter and it has been sitting on its side with clothes laying all over it in our room - I won't even tell you whose clothes they were- but they weren't my husbands- lol.
So, recently the husband said let's put the little guy (who is no where near 3) into his big boy bed. I ignored this and just put it off for a long time and then Sunday night, little guy asked his Daddy for it and at 9 at night when I was dying to relax, Daddy decided to take down our old crib that was a hand-me-down from a couple whose kids are almost as old as me and has been through my 4 kids and about 5 moves.
Little guy was so excited, I couldn't help but be excited for him.
The first night was fine and the rest have just gone progressively down hill.
As a matter of fact, he was just in here and I was threatening a spanking again. It is pretty late. And last night he was sleeping next to me.
If there is one thing you could learn about me, it would be that I do not like to share space with others. I love my kids and want to hug them, but I never appreciate an elbow in my face when I wake up.
Now, my dilemma. Do I put the crib back up (and it is old) or get through this? If I opt for the latter, how long do you think it will take?
I would love to blame this on the husband, but I didn't really protest and he was so cute in his bed-the first night.
Any ideas?
I have to cut it short so I can get my kid to bed, now that it is 10:30 pm. So embarrassing- don't tell anyone, ok?

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  1. I empathize with you. My son is not quite two, and yes, I would be worried about giving him a little toddler bed--not for safety issues but for the fact that it gives him independence when he should be going to sleep. I would probably opt to put up the old crib again, but I'm sure there are wiser parents than me that can give you advice. Maybe Super Nanny can help (lol). Good luck and best wishes!

  2. I always go to a toddler bed at 2 ish... just stay stern and after a few days they will get it. It usually takes us about 3-4 days for them to get the hint...

  3. i bought a used car bed and my son never slept in it for more than 2 days! Now he has developed a severe fascination for car and car wheels and sometimes he himself goes and sleeps in it! Just give i sometime and since it can be used till about 4-5, they will use it soon and will be proud to sleep in a car:)

    your new follower here!

  4. I have no advice because I don't have kids but it sounds like a tough dilemma. I would probably keep trying with the bed for another week or so and see what happens. Good luck!

  5. I agree with GapGirl...just stick with it! My daughter is very stubborn, and she received a very cute "cottage" toddler bed when she was not quite 2. I caved. My saving grace was a baby gate in the doorway to her bedroom, which kept her in the room she was supposed to be in. Now, how much she stayed in the bed in the beginning is a mystery, but she was always in it in the morning, peacefully and adorably sleeping away! He'll get it!


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