Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thanks for the help, but...

This is my son "helping".
After a long day of grocery shopping and running errands, I knew the what would go down when we got home.
We would get out of the van and one kid would have to use the bathroom and someone would need a drink and someone else would just crash on the couch and tell me how tired they are.
I have been making an effort to get the kids to help more.
I told them no one goes in without completely emptying the van first.
This worked for awhile.
They all unloaded and even took the groceries out of the bag and put them on my table, but they started to wander off when it came to putting away the groceries. All but my youngest who really enjoys being useful.
This is him loading spaghetti and a can of beans into my refriderator drawer.
I guess it is a step.
At least they are helping.
Now I ask myself which is easier- making the older kids help put away the groceries or teaching my toddler what refrigeration means?

That's a hard one.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. coaMy kids (and I probably have several older than yours) are totally in charge of unloading the groceries from the truck. They put the coolers in the kitchen and the bags on the kitchen floor or dining room table. As they unload, I empty bags and group into categories...cabinet, freezer or refrigerator and then I put them away with a little help from the kids. It's a production!

  2. So sweet!! I always make the kids help unload but shoo them away when it comes time to put away. That is strictly my domain. I re-organize and sort and then will know where everything goes. If they start putting away my fridge will end up like yours LOL. Its an all day affair which turns my house upside down but at the end of the day I just LOVE a fully stocked house!!!

  3. I have them put away the stuff in the pantry that goes on the bottom shelf. Other than that, I like my system of putting things in just the right place. LOL.

  4. yes, at least they're helping...

    following you from NFF :)

  5. Thanks for following me!
    I'm following you too!

  6. How cute and what a helpful little man. Kids are so cute!

    I'm following you back and I hope you will enter my giveaway too. I have a $50 gift certificate for The Vintage Pearl Custome Hand-Stamped Jewerly, it's a great giveaway with low entrants so you have a good chance.


  7. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blogspot! Yours is awsome. Glad to be here. I am a new follower of yours. *hugs*

  8. haha :) cute post! you should start leveraging persuasion to get your older kids to do a few extra chores


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