Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spackle Bucket Garden

Because of this guy and all his friends, we can not have a garden in our yard the way normal people do. He will eat anything and even jump fences to do so and so will his buddies.
So, this year we decided to try gardening on the deck. I bought some things and then have been working somewhat. The strawberries really need to grow along the ground, so they have basically been stunted in their tiny pot. The herbs I bought for $10 really need to be re-planted. I have not done so, therefore have received no return on that purchase and probably never will. Not to mention, I will admit, I like my herbs in the shaker jars just fine.

This is my lettuce, that I bought for $1.99. We were able to pick some off, but my daughter said it was bitter and sour. I decided to take her word on it and once again, no return there.

Now my tomato plants. We bought these at Sam's for about $10 each. They are what made us decide to try and use Spackle buckets for a garden. My neighbor gave us the idea. We have pulled about $5 worth of tomatoes off and eaten them. Though they are delicious, these trees too are not profitable.

Not to mention, one looks half dead. It has produced some tomatoes, but not nearly the same as its sibling. What do you think? Is it dead? Incidentally, the corner of the Spackle bucket has what we believe to be a lima bean plant that my daughter got from church.

I do not by any means have a green thumb, but I have to say I have enjoyed our first try at gardening. I hope we do it again for less money next year too.

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  1. I miss our garden! We're in an apartment now, and I'm not worried about deer....but the neighborhood kids. LOL I love homegrown tomatoes!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following for FMBT! Returning the "follow" luv!

  2. Hey, I noticed you have the same comment about your blog design ending on July 23rd. What is going on? I will have to look into it. Just when I got used to my blog design!

  3. Your plants look great. I think it is a wonderful idea to have a container garden on your deck, especially if you need to keep it away from hungry deer! He is a beautiful animal, though.

    Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms!

  4. Hey...I added something on my blog today...thought I would share the good news! ;o)

  5. Great blog, following you back :)

  6. I love your little garden. It is fun to think of what containers you can use. My next goal is a contained potato space to carry us through early winter.


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